Tropical Adult Vacations (TAV) Dominican Republic
September 2010

The people who put up the website and respond to your messages are just partners. Paco, the local manager, is the real center of the business. (And less you think this is another case of "Global Fantasies: Cartagen" this man is a fixer and host, not a "Wingman.") Paco speaks very good English, he lived in the states for 13 years before returning to the DR so he could live a middle class life. Everyone in the resort town of Boca Chica seems to know him and a great many people around Santo Domingo too. (When they see Paco, locals stand up straighter and are quick to be friendly and make sure his guests are happy.)

Paco will meet you at the airport and then drive you a short distance to his "whore house" (a place where prostitutes live). A line up will form and you select your first companion(s). They grab their suitcase and then Paco drives you out to the small Boca Chica hotel on the beach. Paco will see that your every need is taken care of (he'll want to know what you're drinking so he can make sure they have a large stock of your brand) and then turn you over to his on sight managers, one for days and one for nights (who sleeps there).

The rooms are modest, a large hard bed, satellite TV, refrigerator, small safe, AC and private bathroom. There's no Air Conditioning outside of your rooms, this is the tropics. The rest of the building is open to the air (with fans). There's a terminal connected to the internet at the inside bar but I didn't fly eight hours to stay inside. There's lots of outside seating and shade. There are lots of water toys, even ocean fishing tackle. (Boca Chica has a huge bathtub. At high tide the water is about 48" deep to the breakwater, half a mile out.)

The companions come in the standard varieties with little English. (Paco says they have two hours of English instruction everyday they're not working but they must be taught by American High School Students.) (The male companions are "on call" and do not live at the "whore house." Fact! Paco has at least two regular female customers who keep his studs busy.) You can change companions every day. You can have as many as you can afford at any one time. This was the first time I had to choose from an official line up and it was awkward. (At MWV I met all the companions as they hung out. And at Blackbeard's the girls will get up from their lounge chairs and approach you, one at a time, if you haven't approached them first.)

On the first full day I wanted to walk around the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo, the first city of the Americas. (I had a couple of guide books.) Paco offered me a formal tour but when I said I preferred to just explore on my own he drove me into down and dropped me just where I asked. My Companion began by leading me down the main pedestrian shopping street, she wasn't shopping though. We had a great lunch on the Malecon (real name, "Avenue George Washington") which goes right along the water from the ship canal West. The views of the ocean were incredible (almost no beach, Santo Domingo is built on limestone). We passed four "Night Clubs:" Foxy, Baby Dolls, House Guests, Pasteur Drive. (They're full of girls in lingerie looking for attention. In some they have rooms upstairs in others you have to pay a bar fine and take her back to your place.) We also passed the International Hotel, Renaissance Jaragaura, Hilton, Casinos, Malecon upscale mall, etc.

The next day I complained to Paco that my companion hadn't wanted to walk much and was too hot. (I had twice her insulation and I come from a Northern State.) The next day he assigned me a girl who walked me to blisters and heat stroke. And then when we couldn't find a taxi she lead me through the local public busses and we made it back to Boca Chica for ($6 US) 90% less than the taxi would have charged, ~ $50 US. (I had two great days of exploring Santo Domingo with out entering a single museum, church, zoo or botanical garden. I have to go back.)

Lunch on the Malecon at a nice middle class restaurant cost $40 for entrées and drinks. Fruit cup for her, soup for me and several cold drinks at the Jaraguara hotel cost $40. Two bottled waters at the bus station cost less than a dollar, together.

Boca Chica:
Its bad reputation is deserved. But that doesn't mean you won't love it. Some people just hang out at the little hotel but this trip, for most people, is about getting outside of your resort with your companion. Boca Chica is a crowded dirty beach resort town with every thing that means: People selling over priced junk, traffic, little parking, crowds on the weekends, bars, loud music, visible police and girls looking for dates. An evening's walk down the main drag, Duarte Street, is an exciting work out.

There are two "World Class" restaurants out over the water: Bocamarina and Neptune's (with "World Class" prices unless you go with Paco). There are dive shops, boat charters, guided excursions of all sorts and finding transportation into Santo Domingo or just about any other place in the DR is as simple as going to the park.

The Negative
The quality of Companion varies greatly. The "hotel" isn't much to brag about. Etc. The persistent sales pitch by beach venders is really annoying.

The Good
Paco makes things happen. If you need something, want something, etc. he will take care of it. Paco enjoys being a host and he's great at it. The ocean is warm and the waves mild. You are in the center of the action.

Business was slow, the recession in the US may have officially ended the year before but the only people at the resort didn't have to worry about the recession. The experienced guests had been there twice before that same year and expected to return every few months. "Its like home." Me, I missed being surrounded by female companions looking for fun and the beach city vibe was too much (too noisy, too many venders, beggars, dirt, scrawny dogs).

The resorts on the North Coast are better for me (and theirs more English on the North Coast). And while I really want to go back to Santo Domingo I'll stay in town at a square hotel if I have to and hire a companion from an agency. (Maybe even Paco) Its too expensive and time consuming to go back and forth to Boca Chica. But if I have to stay on the South Coast for some reason I will reserve a room at Tropical Adult Vacations.