Fantasy Star Club
April 2013

Fantasy Stars Dominican RepublicBoris is your host and he is Fantasy Star Club. For my vacation Boris rented a very nice two bedroom villa, in an upscale development. The beach was through some trees and about 50 yards away. The villa had a private pool, each bedroom let onto the pool but was as far from the other as possible. There was a small kitchen, high ceilings, a living room, crescent drive with shade and 24 hour security & maintenance.

I was already in country with a rental car so Boris met me at an easy to find location and then lead me to the villa. There were six girls and a professional chef waiting for me. Boris has a variation on Oxygenʼs coupon system. My stay was for three nights so he handed me three “overnight coupons.” You hand the girl, or girls, you select to stay with you for the night the coupon and she spends the night in your bed. You donʼt need to involve Boris at all. He also has day time delight coupons. He handed me three of these. At the end of the stay I was to hand him the unused ones and pay for the ones I used, $200 each. These coupons are good for a session with a girl, or girls, during daylight hours. (They are not limited to one orgasm but to one session.)

Extra coupons are available. If you wish to use all of them in the Fantasy Stars Pool and Occupantfirst 24 hours you can. One coupon per companion at a time. A threesome would require three coupons. The girls get a minimal amount for hanging around, being sexy and friendly but they get their real money by redeeming the coupons.

Unless you specify otherwise, such as you come as a group, Boris will assign you to a villa with just you and your companions. It has been his experience that strangers can feel competitive over the companions so he likes to arrange a paradise/ fantasy just for you.

Boris stays nearby so he can be on hand if you have any requests, problems, etc. And so he can design each of your meals to your specific likes and dislikes. Everything is about you having a great time. What's not to love?

On the second day Boris asked if I wanted to keep all six girls, keep just one for a real GFE or some other combination. I decided to keep three of the girls. This turned out to be a good idea. I got rid of the girls with the edge and the three girls I kept became good friends which made it more fun for me. We went into Puerto Plata to see some sights, have lunch and a tour of the Brugal Rum factory (I donʼt recommend it). The next day the four of us went snorkeling in Sosua, seeing their asses in those wet bikinis more than paid for the $30 snorkeling trip. We came back and the four of us cooled down in the villa pool, naked, until sunset. A perfect day. The last day, after a late breakfast, I went for a walk on the beach towards Cabarete. There must have been five surf schools out on the water. A great seventies flashback.

Boris himself is from Odessa Ukraine, Little Odessa New York and, for the last twenty three years, the Dominican Republic. He enjoys getting to know his guests and has a lifetime of experiences to share with you.

The Good
Beautiful accommodations, beautiful companions, you are treated like a prince.

The Bad
Boris is a character which means he might become your best friend and he might not. There is no guarantee that anyone else speaks your language so if you are social the isolation could be difficult. The girls vary in experience and attitudes and can become competitive for your attention. This can be a good thing too. Iʼm overly sensitive which means the discord between the girls disturbed me.