Blackbeard's (Barba Negra), Dominican Republic
October 2008

Just west of the Puerto Plata port, beyond the power station and behind the guards (armed) gate to the community. Costambar is the name of the actual community where Blackbeard's is located. ( or (

Blackbeard's (Barba Negra) is the cheapest place we found in the DR. Rooms are $70 a night. They come with a bed, safe, pool, privacy, fenced hot tub, massages and  American billiards. The Hotel makes its money on the bars and restaurant. (Make sure to check your tab before you sign it. There have been problems in the past with girls adding items for their friends. Not so common now.)

There are two "Girl Wranglers," Charo and Jenny. They keep a list of girls who are not allowed on the premises because of problems. And another list of girls, with photos, who can be called if the girls presently on the premises are not to your liking. The girls have standard fees for two hour sessions, 8 hour/all night sessions ($80). Most any other durations are possible, 24 hours should be 4,000 pesos or $180.

Few of the girls speak English but the wranglers will tell you they all understand "enough." Pay a monthly fee to the wranglers (NOT the hotel) to hang out around the pool, bar and restaurant where men can find them. They are not shy about introducing themselves. Jenny and Charo can do most any translating you might need.\

Other "Independent contractors/venders" wander through the place during the day. Maria sells clothing, curtains, etc. that she makes herself. One guy sells CDs, another Jewelry, etc. They also will book you a variety of "excursions" from 9-5 everyday, the day before the excursion. (Among the excursions offered is a sight seeing "Jeep Safari" that includes the Demajagua Cascades series of waterfalls and pools to climb up and slide down again. Full day and half day catamaran cruises, deep sea fishing, ATVs, Tours of Puerto Plata, etc. etc. Nearby is Ocean World (Sea World Lite) a Casino with a Las Vegas show. Casinos without shows.

Blackbeard's is a simple small hotel where guys looking for prostitutes can find prostitutes. And all the taxi drivers know where it is. A full service day should cost around $200 (before meals and drinks). Blackbeards falls between normal life and our fantasy. You can't forget that you are pursuing the oldest "Profession."

The Negative:
It falls short of the fantasy and you can't ignore that but maybe your fantasy centers on availability and if so, this place makes variety and availability easy.

There are some security problems. They have guards but by its nature a large number of people have access to the grounds. The Boss was alone in his room and on the throne when the front door opened. He called out, "Ola?" and a male voice responded that he was there to check on the towels and would come back later. Not only had the towels been changed that morning but all of the "service" is provided by women who are off limits for "that" service. The only men on staff are security, garden, and physical maintenance.

A room is $70/night.
The bars and restaurant are reasonable with a variety to satisfy most simple tastes.
The girls have two standard packages:
2 hours - $35
Overnight/8 hours - $80
For us they added a 24 rates of 4,000 pesos or about $180.
(The rates are normally expressed in dollars.)