What's paradise without your Eve? (Or Evan?). You can spend your savings to get to the greatest resort on Earth and still sit and read alone, or spend your time in the bar looking for someone to share it with. Or you can use our information and reviews to find someone as wonderful as the place you're in. There's no reason you should spend the night, or day, alone in paradise.

Every one of us has emotional and personal desires. This site is about making sure yours are the only priority. We don't sell anything, except knowledge, and we only examine legal activities (what some lawyers call "prostitution" is legal in most countries in the Americas). The reason we started this site was because we couldn't find the information we wanted for our own travels.

Margarita Island:
The music is always playing, an endless bar.
Coata Rica:
10 Only
Truly attentive to your slightest wish.

Dominican Republic:
Located somewhere between normal life and our fantasy.

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